Friday, January 14, 2011

Submitting Your Writing To Everything Cloth

Interested in Being a Featured Writer for Everything Cloth?

We are looking for fresh, original pieces of writing that can be informative, humorous, anecdotal, or helpful. Articles can be of varying lengths. We accept pieces that have not yet been published (or have only been self-published on your own blog or website). We encourage you to write in your own style and voice. Articles will be professionally proofread and edited before being published on Everything Cloth. Authors will always be fully credited with their own work, and a small biography and link to the author's website(s) can be attached at the end of the article. Adding a small photo of yourself or your logo is also optional.

Writing an article and submitting it for publication at Everything Cloth is a great way to:
- network with other parents
- gain a sense of pride in your own writing and life experiences
- promote your own website, blog, or product
- add a writing accomplishment to your personal portfolio or resume

We are currently looking for articles and personal stories based on the following topics (and more). Please remember these can be written in a variety of styles or voices (informative, personal, humorous, etc):

- What are prefolds and how do they work?
- What are fitted diapers and how do they work?
- What are pocket diapers and how do they work?
- What are contour diapers and how do they work?
- What are all-in-one diapers and how do they work?
- What are the pros and cons between the different fabrics and fibers of modern diapers?
- What is a dry pail vs a wet pail system?
- "These aren't your mama's cloth diapers" - cloth diapering "then" and "now"

- How you got started with cloth diapers
- Diapering a newborn: where to begin
- Breastfeeding and cloth diapering: what to expect
- Cloth diapering: what they don't tell you
- Cloth diapering: the good, the bad, and the ugly
- Laundry day
- Stash habits
- Fluff addiction
- The switch to solids
- Poop talk
- From cloth diapers to the great beyond: the switch to other green practices
- Stripping dipes
- Packing a diaper bag
- Diaper stalking, swapping and selling
- Making your own cloth diapers
- From baby cloth to mama cloth


If you would like to write or submit and article on any of these (or any other!) topics, please use our Contact Form or email your proposals, inquiries, or submissions to:

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