Friday, January 14, 2011

Eebie Baby business

Eebie Baby has its roots in blogging. Rachael, the owner of Eebie Baby, started out with her husband, simply wanting to start a blog to record their journey with cloth diapering. Starting out on their cloth diapering journey years ago was a daunting process. Rachael felt overwhelmed with facts, products, and pricing and at one point, running away with her tail between her legs seemed like the best option. However, with hundreds of hours of research being put into it, Rachael learned that cloth diapering nowadays is different; gone are the days of our grandmothers' leaky, pin-stuck prefolds. She found the diapers of today to be more dependable, absorbent, and cost effective. And, as she learned all of this, she blogged about it along the way. Once interest picked up and Rachael found herself doing more and more home consults and recommendations for places to shop cloth, she had people wanting to buy directly from her instead. That's when it dawned on Rachael and her husband: they could really do this. And so, their company, Eebie Baby was conceptualized and born.

The name Eebie Baby actually came from Rachael's little son. With her sister pregnant and Rachael editing belly photos on the computer, her son kept asking, "What's that?", and Rachael found herself repeating the phrase, "It's a baby. Baby. BABY." Her 'Lil Guy picked up on this word quickly, and before long, he was saying his own version--eebie--all the time.

At Eebie Baby's home on the web, you'll be able to find reviews on all things fluffy, 'Cloth Diapering 101', and a question & answer section built on Rachael's hundreds of hours of research and expertise. You'll also be able to shop with Eebie Baby and their collection of Work At Home Moms (WAHMs) and Work At Home Businesses (WAHBs). They vow to only stock products that they personally use and love, and look forward to their very own Eebie Baby product line debuting this year. This line will focus around being the best in terms of quality, composed of as many natural and organic materials as possible. They also pride themselves on being able to provide you with the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions and to educate yourself about cloth diapering as well as living a greener lifestyle.

Rachael and her family still continue to operate Eebie Baby from their home in rural Alberta, Canada. They themselves always endeavor to follow a greener lifestyle and have made a personal vow within their home to start swapping out each bit of waste for a re-useable item instead. As it is for so many other families, budgeting is often a concern for them, so they do what they can--one step at a time. As for the future of Eebie Baby, Rachael hopes to see it continue to grow daily. She dreams of having her own consultation area and a shop, where women and families could come in off the street and begin their journey to a greener lifestyle.

In her spare time, Rachael values spending time with her family, enjoying all the time they can outdoors. She is also passionate about the arts--music and painting in particular--as well as continuing to blog and review a variety of cloth diapers, family, and household products. Sometime soon, the family plans to move back to Ontario, where their roots are and where they consider home, and plans to continue their business from there.

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