Friday, January 14, 2011

MiniMaestro brand

One of the hottest new diaper brands to emerge from Canada is MiniMaestroTM. Sophie Gratton, originally of Montreal, Quebec, is the woman behind the business. Originally just a mom who decided to stay home from work to take care of her young children, Sophie turned to cloth diapering to help out with the family's budget. Frustrated by her inability to find the perfect cloth diaper for her kids, she decided to make her own, incorporating all her favorite elements into these home-grown cloth diapers: trimness, affordability, leak resistancy, and ease of use. Using her 14 month old daughter as her "guinea pig", the MiniMaestro pocket diaper was finally born after several different trials revealed the best version.

Being environmentally and socially responsible is a priority for Sophie and MiniMaestroTM. The diapers themselves are manufactured in Montreal by Petites Mains, a non-profit organization that stands up for disenfranchised people--particularly immigrant, single, unemployed, or struggling women. Petites Mains fights to end poverty, exclusion, and violence against these women and to assist them with living a life of greater dignity in society. In addition to partnering with this agency, MiniMaestro also partners exclusively with North American suppliers when purchasing materials to make their diapers. This ensures that the products that go into their pocket diapers are made responsibly and in a way that helps provide quality jobs for North American workers. In fact, MiniMaestro's slogan, "For them. For you. For tomorrow. / Pour eux. Pour vous. Pour demain." further attests to the fact that this company looks beyond itself to the lives of all the people it touches.

Sophie herself is kept very busy with the company. Though she does work alone on this endeavor, she openly confesses that she couldn't do it without the amazing support of her entire family. At home backing her is her spouse and their two incredible kids, Xavier (6) and ChloĆ© (2½). In a former life, Sophie has a university degree in Geographical Information Systems, a field that she worked within for 12 years. Though she still does a bit of freelance work in the GIS field, her passion and top priority nowadays is working on MiniMaestroTM and spending time with her children.

Though she still has strong business ties and personal roots based in Montreal, Sophie and her family now happily live in Ottawa, Ontario, where they plan to stay.

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