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Booty Boutique is a recently established Canadian-owned cloth diaper store that aims to provide environmentally-responsible diapering solutions for your growing family. They specialize in cloth diapers, biodegradable diapers, and eco-friendly diapering accessories. Booty Boutique is proud of the fact that they remain a small WAHM business, run out of Kelowna, British Columbia by Sarah Osachoff and her mom, Laverne Michaux. Together, the two make a fabulous business partnership, with Sarah operating as the resident cloth diaper expert (and tech-savvy online store owner), and her mom, Laverne, handling the money and number-crunching like a pro. They enjoy working together and refering jokingly to themselves as the CEO and CFO of the company.

Booty Boutique customers will enjoy the perks of it being a smaller business. Sarah and Laverne are eager to build close relationships with their clients, and to closely help the families that they service. "If you want it and we don't have it," shares Sarah," we are happy to look into getting it for you. Different colour, size, brand--you name it! We accept pre-orders on almost any product--just shoot us an email and let us know what you are looking for." Recently, the shop has also expanded to incorporate more than just diapering items, in order to serve their clientele better. They are excitedly expanding into the realm of other eco-friendly baby and family items (such as reusable snack bags and wool slippers made from recycled sweaters). They continue to plan for more expansions into other natural, eco-friendly items for the young families that shop with them. As far as their mission goes, Sarah and Laverne's philosophy is simple: "We simply want to change the way people diaper their babies, one teeny tiny bum at a time," they share.

Sarah knows plenty about diapering teeny tiny bums, herself. With her gorgeous daughter Shayla, she learned the ropes about cloth diapering and became passionate about spreading the word about the practice. Though she herself was a 1970's  baby clad in cloth diapers, Sarah is quick to let people know just how much simpler CD'ing is nowadays. There are no more bleach pails, dunking, and pins needed, and she has the know-how about a plethora of modern cloth diapers and accessories so she can help direct each family to what will work best for them. "Cloth diapering is not hard," she says, "Making environmentally friendly decisions is easy. There are so many different options available today that any family can find an option that suits them best. If you are new to cloth diapers and starting to investigate the options available to you, you’ve come to the right place. We are here to help!"

Sarah and her family
Apart from being an expert in her field, Sarah's strength also lies in her terrific customer service abilities, something that probably stemmed from her previous job in the wine and packaged goods industry, where she used to work in marketing and customer service. With Booty Boutique, she has put a price match guarantee system and a customer referral rewards program in place--things that will benefit both new and returning customers. Additionally, for local Kelowna-area customers, delivery is still free. Down the road, Sarah and Laverne hope to open a local store-front location, but for now, Sarah says, "working from the kitchen table is gonna have to cut it!"

When Sarah is not kept busy with Booty Boutique, she enjoys hiking, camping, biking, snowboarding, and hanging out at home with daughter Shayla and husband Ash. The family also enjoys spending time with their dog, Oliver, and their big, beautiful horse, MacGyver. Having lived all around British Columbia (everywhere from Salmon Arm to Penticton, Victoria, Vancouver and Anahim Lake), Sarah and her family are now thrilled to call Kelowna home. They hope to stay for many, many years to come.

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