Friday, January 14, 2011

Maxwell Designs (Toots n' Tots) shop

Maxwell DesignsThe story behind Maxwell Designs & Toots n’ Tots
by Maggie Chilton, Owner

My husband and I moved up to Terrace from Vancouver, B.C in 2006 for a promotion when we were 4 months pregnant. Whilst getting ready to welcome our first child we set about buying all the essentials we would need, one being a diaper bag. I couldn’t find a bag anywhere that wasn’t made of vinyl or plastic and didn’t have a cute character on the front. I wanted a bag that was eco-friendly, stylish, functional and didn’t scream “Diaper Bag”. I set about making my own line, adding in the fabrics that I loved. I received many inquiries about where I bought my bag that I decided to create my own line and it grew from there. I extended my line to washable change pads and wet bags and named my designs after my first son, Maxwell. I sold at Farmers Markets, Craft Fairs and retailed at the local “green store”, then expanded into retailer stores throughout Canada and the U.S. From there my website was born and sales went from local customers to world wide including Singapore and Australia. In 2010 I created a second business, Toots n’ Tots, which specializes in Cloth Diapers and essential eco-friendly baby products. I have expanded into hosting Cloth Diaper Seminars free of charge in the Tri-City area in order to spread the word on how easy cloth diapering can be.

Toots n' Tots

Everything continues to be lovingly made by hand. I am now able to stay at home with my boys and work around their schedule as well as running a successful and very enjoyable business.

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