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My Precious Kid, LLC business
Child Safety, Safe Baby Gear & Cloth Diapers

My Precious Kid
633 SE Baseline St
Hillsboro OR 97123

ph. 503.693.2832

Kay Green (Founder and Owner) started My Precious Kid in 2001 after the adoption of her 4th child. Originally, products carried by My Precious Kid were born out of her family's creative solutions to everyday needs that they had. For example, the My Precious Kid ID Cards were a result of Kay's needing home school ID's for her kids as well as an ID for daughter Haley after her adoption. The Car Seat ID Card was Kay's brainstorm after seeing car seat ID stickers from the hospital that were messy to remove or change. This in turn led to creating ID kits to protect children and finding other wonderful child ID products to share with her customers. Today My Precious Kid has over 1300 products for child safety, cloth diapers & safe baby gear. In 2008, Kay moved the business from her home into a true brick & mortar retail storefront in Hillsboro, Oregan, hiring 3 employees along the way. Kay's passion, as it has been since day one, still lies in keeping children safe.

My Precious Kid's primary mission is to keep children safe and educate parents on child safety. As their slogan says, they "Make Child Safety Easy". The shop added cloth diapers to their roster of products in 2010 in order to make kids and our environment a safer place. My Precious Kid stocks over 1200 products in 11 product categories including: child safety, child proofing, safety education, baby gear, safe sleeping, safe baby gifts, and cloth diapers. Every product that they carry in their store has been personally tested either by Kay herself or by family and friends. They pride themselves on only selling products they believe in. When they made the decision to add cloth diapers in 2010 to our Hillsboro Oregon location, Kay's granddaughter, Emma Kate (born in the fall of 2010), became their official diaper tester. All of Kay's other grandchildren have also tested many of the products that My Precious Kid carries.

In terms of cloth diapering products, My Precious Kid stocks the following brands and products:
Brands: Blueberry/ BumGenius / Bummis / Flip / GroVia / Knickernappies / Swaddlebees / Sweet Peas / Thirsties / Weehuggers

Styles: Covers / Inserts, Liners, & Doublers / One Size / Pockets / Sized / Hybrid / Potty Trainers

Accessories: Diaper Sprayer / Laundry Bags / Wet bags / Laundry Detergent / Nursing Pads / Mama Pads

Plus, 7 Cloth Diaper Packages are now available!
My Precious Kid LLC is proud to announce will be 10 years old in May 2011. Kay Green remains the owner and is also in charge of employees, marketing, website, and new product selection. Employees Tracey, Mandy and Tami handle customer service, orders, and inventory at the shop. My Precious Kid plans to stick around and still be doing this with passion ten or twenty years from now. One of Kay's other passions is also helping other small beginning business to get started too, so she will surely be involved in some partnerships and mentorships along the way as My Precious Kid continues to grow and operate succesfully.

Born in California, Kay moved to Springfield, Oregon as a child and then again to the Hillsboro area in 1993, settling there with Russell (husband of 32 years) and their surrounding family. Kay loves spending time with her children (a combination of biological and adopted): Melissa 28, Jordan 25, Allison 23, and Haley 10. Her grandchildren add further joy to her life: Madison (4), Micah & Mason (22 month old twins), and Emma Kate (5 months). Before starting My Precious Kid, Kay had always been a stay-at-home and homeschooling mom. She prides herself on her abilities and accomplishments as a mother and grandmother. She shares, "Our youngest daughter was adopted at birth. We have a fabulous open relationship with her birth family. I was able to breastfeed her for 21 months which greatly improved our bond. Today she is 11 years old and a blessing to our lives. She has 4 nieces/nephews already! Last summer we were able to travel to Nebraska to meet her birth family in person. It was a wonderful trip!" Becoming a grandmother has been amazingly fulfilling as well: "Becoming a mother in 1982 was only passed up by becoming a Nana in 2006! My children and grandchildren are my greatest delight and a gift from God," she says.

Kay loves her business and what she gets to accomplish every day with My Precious Kid. She sees herself still doing exactly this 10 years from now, but hopefully with a larger, expanded location and more employees. She hopes to double her sales over the next few years and become the #1 child safety and cloth diapering retailer. Her personal goal is to always do the best she can to build a solid reputable company that becomes a household name in child safety. She wants everything they do to be excellent and positive. "If I protect even one child I have made a difference. If I educate parents to keep many children safer, even better. Children are a precious gift from God. I count it a great calling to protect and keep them safe," Kay shares.

In her personal time, Kay leads a new mom mentor group called Mommy2Mommy since 2005 at her church. She finds it so satisfying to etch, encourage, support and love on these new mothers and their babies. She also teaches potty training classes (read more here).

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