Tuesday, April 12, 2011

This Week in Cloth Diapering News

Once again, here's some of the top news and announcements from the world of cloth diapering over the past week or so:

Local Franklin, TN, Business Owners Team Up: Putting Cloth Diapers In The Record Books
(via PRWeb)

Modern cloth diapers are cost-effective, eco-friendly (via knoxnews.com)

Thief abandons diaper van with doors wide open (via Global Winnepeg)

Break the Cycle: Reusable menstrual prodcuts are affordable, eco-friendly and surprisingly convenient (via Best of New Orleans)

Are Diapers a Basic Need? (via Stoller Derby)

Fresh duty for diapers (via Star Tribune)

Great Cloth Diaper Change Sets Guinness World Record - Charleston, SC (via PRLog)

Help set world diaper change record (via canada.com)

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