Friday, March 18, 2011

Lyndal Semenchuk - Consultant, Tiny Gem Baby Solutions business

Lyndal Semenchuk
Consultant for Tiny Gem Baby Solutions
Edmonton AB Canada

ph. 780.945.7445

Tiny Gem Baby Solutions was opened for business in March 2006 by a cloth diapering mom of 3, formed out of her experiences of searching for unique and innovative products for parents, babies and toddlers. We are a Canadian mom-owned and run online store based in Calgary AB, Canada, committed to providing and educating our customers with the latest in cloth diapering. We carry a wide selection of cloth diapers and we offer free, in-home diaper consultations in many locations throughout Canada.

Lyndal Semenchuk, Consultant (Edmonton AB)

I am a mom of two boys (3 years old and 9 months), and recently decided to stay home with them. I have two home-based businesses: Mommy Connections - a post-natal program and social/support network for new moms, and Tiny Gem cloth diaper consulting. Finding two jobs that allow me to stay home with my children (and in some cases take my children to work with me) is wonderful, and I'm so happy to have found a way to help support my family by doing what I'm passionate about (babies!)

Before I became a mom I worked as a store manager in fashion retail, and it came as quite a surprise to discover the "crunchy" side of myself after I had children. Now I am a huge supporter of attachment parenting, cloth diapering, breastfeeding, babywearing and baby-led weaning. I am always happy to share my knowledge and experience with other moms, and hope to do so even after my babies are grown.

I am available for private consultations, group seminars or diaper parties in the greater Edmonton, Alberta area. Whether you're just starting out with cloth or want to make the switch from disposables, I can help you understand the different kinds of diapers available and the pros and cons of each type. These are FREE, no-obligation consultations, although all orders of $300 or more placed the day of or the day following the consultation receive a 10% discount and free shipping on orders over $50 (within Alberta).

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