Saturday, February 19, 2011

In Need of Advice: Bamboo AIOs

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Our online community is filled with the best cloth diapering gurus you can find! That being said, here is a question I got this morning, and I'd like to throw it out to all of you folks as I don't personally have experience (yet!) with laundering bamboo!

Hi there,
I have brand new bamboo AIO diapers. I just prep-washed them (3 times, on their own) for the first time. I line dried them but the insides are all crunchy & coarse now. Then I tossed them in the dryer for 15 minutes to try to soften up, and it's a little better but not much. Is this just how bamboo feels now? It was so soft before I washed it :( :(

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  1. When I was experimenting with bamboo cloth I had to wash/dry them a number of times 7 to get them to feel soft again. The other thing you might try is boiling them to get the oils out.

  2. A response from our Facebook page:
    Rachael EbCo: "Is it regular bamboo or bamboo velor it should not be coarse or crunchy... But if it is regular bamboo interlock, then it wont be soft really at all.... Sorry :("

  3. Another response from our Facebook page:
    Booty Boutique: "most bamboo diapers are not 100% bamboo...and although sooo soft at first are not soft once washed etc.. dryer balls may help. Bamboo is a wonderful product for cloth diapers and SOOO absorbent, which is why I LOVE bamboo doublers or insert...s for nighttime use. But if you are worried about them not being soft against babies skin, then cut a piece of fleece and put in between babe and diaper. not only is this a stay dry layer, but it will remain nice and soft :) Also, try putting in the dryer right after washing for about 10 minutes and then line dry... it will help soften it up a bit.good luck!"